More People Watched The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Than Have Been With Your Mom

Really? A Mom joke this early in the morning? Boo, dude. And it’s not even accurate, because your mom has probably been with more than 11 million people, which is how many viewers tuned into Sunday night’s mid-season finale, a whopping 60 percent uptick over last year’s mid-season finale. Remember last season’s mid-season finale? Six episodes of forrest-walking garbage time culminating in the discovery Sophia, who was already dead? Man, that was lame. If Frank Darabout were still running the show, they’d still be on the farm, and this season’s mid-season finale would’ve heavily featured scenes of Hershel fishing with Shane. Ugh. All Hail Glen Mazzara!

To put the 11 million viewers into perspective, that’s the highest-rated cable drama telecast OF ALL TIME, and among ALL shows last week, it was behind only the NFL Sunday night game in the 18-49 demo. The show fared so well that “The Talking Dead” also clocked in with 2.2 million viewers, which is only slightly less than the number of viewers this summer’s Breaking Bad finale had. (I have never watched an episode of “The Talking Dead.” Do you folks recommend it?)

Because I’m all about value added information in these posts, I tried to put The Walking Dead’s ratings into historical perspective by listing the 25 highest rated cable broadcasts of all time (minus football), but that information eluded me. However, I did discover that there was one show, back in 2009, that — while not scripted — managed to draw more viewers than The Walking Dead. You’re going to hate yourself for knowing this but, it was …

Jon & Kate Plus 8, which received around 11.3 million viewers. I believe that was the year that the two were divorcing. Whatever happened to those cats, anyway? I bet Jon is hanging out with Kevin Federline somewhere and planning a hip-hop career. Someone should give him a walk-on role on The Walking Dead next season as “Man Who Gets Shot in the Face.” Aw, man.

(Source: WaPo)