Mr. Bean Celebrated 25 Years By Driving His Mini Cooper Around Buckingham Palace

Rowan Atkinson is celebrating 25 years of Mr. Bean in the most memorable way possible: climbing back on top of his classic Mini Cooper for a drive around Buckingham Palace. Atkinson starred as Mr. Bean for five years and thirteen episodes (which sounds odd until you remember that British television does things a little differently) and it was enough to launch the character into pop culture history.

The antics helped Mr. Bean become an international hit and added to Atkinson’s acclaim, although some might say that Blackadder is the better choice (and if you say Love Actually, you should probably be removed from society). Even if you dislike Mr. Bean, seeing Atkinson bring back an iconic moment while in full character around London is pretty damn neat.

You can see the original scene below and note that it goes much smoother this time around for Bean.

(Via Flicks And The City Plus)