‘Mr. Robot’ Characters Ranked By How Much Trouble They’re In Heading Into The Season 2 Finale

09.21.16 2 Comments

The Mr. Robot season two finale is here and everyone is screwed. The fallout from the hack in the first season has claimed a few lives and sent the survivors scrambling, to the degree that just about everyone who still has a pulse is in real danger of losing his or her life or freedom by the end of the final hour. Some characters are in more trouble than others, though, so what I’m going to do here is attempt to rank them from least to most in trouble at this very moment. The key word here is “attempt,” because if we’ve all learned anything from two seasons of this show, it’s that, usually, your assumptions are about as useful as a used napkin.

But let’s try anyway!

10. Joanna

Joanna will be fine.

9. Whiterose

Nothing that has happened or been implied so far indicates that Whiterose is anything other than a brilliant tactician who will go to staggering lengths to see a plan through. It is my firm belief that a nuclear bomb could go off in Manhattan and when all the smoke and debris clears, Whiterose will be sitting in a chair amid the rubble, suit or dress still immaculate save a small fleck of dust that gets casually brushed off, with a facial expression that registers somewhere between “mildly annoyed” and “somewhat inconvenienced.”

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