Ted Cruz’s Continued Crusade Against Big Bird Is Churning Up A Groundswell Of Support For A Bird Senatorial Bid

Over the weekend, Big Bird did the thing by declaring himself vaccinated, and predictably, the far right lost its mind in response. Ted Cruz immediately started tweeting about “propaganda,” and my gosh, he hasn’t let up yet. All of this ends up amplifying the mess earlier this year with Republicans complaining about problematic Dr. Seuss books being taken off school library shelves, and then they freaked out over Democrats supposedly “cancelling” the Muppets, so when it comes to Big Bird, man, people are taking firm sides.

Very pointedly, the official Big Bird Twitter account made that declaration, and people were quick to point out that the imposing avian has been leading by vaccination example since 1972, all to do his part in preventing potentially fatal and highly transmissible diseases. Well, Ted’s not here for Big Bird attempting to help the greater good at the so-called expense of “freedom” to spread viruses unchecked. So, Ted is still throwing a tantrum by co-opting this well-treaded Big Bird meme.

“Big Bird coming over to vaccinate your kids,” Ted tweeted without an iota of irony.

Well, ridiculousness merits a ridiculous response. To that end, someone created a Big Bird parody account and declared a faux senatorial campaign.


“Big Bird doesn’t fly south in the winter, unlike Ted Cruz” is a winning campaign slogan if there ever was one.


The parody account has now accumulated over 37,000 followers, and it sure looks like Ted would be in trouble if this was a real race.




Ted Cruz could stand to lighten up. It’s doing wonders for Big Bird.