Money-Sign! The Kickstarter For The New ‘MST3K’ Has Already Reached Its $2M Goal

Last week, Joel Hodgson announced that he was launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund new episodes of his most prized creation, Mystery Science Theater 3000. All he wanted was $2 million, which would take care of three episodes of the rebooted show, and then he’d go from there. Well, the internet is teeming with MSTies and way ahead of schedule, the campaign met its $2 million goal! So, why the heck should we stop there when we could fund 12 episodes?

Hodgson explained the breakdown of the costs saying that after reaching the first $2 million, “each additional $1.1 million we raise, we can make three more… up to a full season of 12 episodes!” In case math isn’t your strong suit, that means an additional $3.3 million would fund nine more episodes for a total of 12. It would almost be negligent not to keep pushing the campaign, especially because it still has 24 days left to raise money.

C’mon, internet — this is the Kickstarter campaign to get behind. With Nerdist’s Jonah Ray manning the Satellite of Love and possibly some brand new ‘bots taking on even more horrible movies that couldn’t be riffed before MST3K was canceled (and that RiffTrax hasn’t already hit), it’s time to bring snarky, silhouetted, obscure movie commentary to a whole new generation. As Hodgson so eloquently put it:

Listen, I know this Kickstarter idea isn’t for everyone. Neither was Mystery Science Theater 3000. But just like MST3K itself, I know the right people will get it.


Source: The Wrap