Meet The Florida Couple Addicted To Butt-Chugging Coffee

This is a story about people who put coffee up their butts. Let’s make that very clear. It is a clip from TLC’s My Strange Addiction that features a Florida couple, Mike and Trina, who are hooked on giving themselves coffee enemas, so they each pour a pot of coffee up their butt up to four times a day, and then sit on the toilet and wait for it to come out “like a torrent.” That is the elephant in the room here (or the person giving himself a coffee enema in the room, if you prefer, and I do), so let’s get that out of the way first.

But it is also, kind of, a story about love.

You see, the whole thing started with Trina giving herself coffee enemas to deal with some digestive issues. And she LOVED IT. So she went to Mike — who she evidently trusts enough to confess such a thing — and told him about this poop-related wonder. And Mike cares for his wife so much that instead of running for the hills when she told him she dumped a pot of joe in her rectum on purpose, he mulled it over for a minute or two and said something along the lines of, “You know what? I’m on board. Brew another pot and grab the hose.” Then the two of them, presumably buttressed by the strength of their love, and knowing that the only approval they need in this world comes from the person they’ve chosen to spend their life with, looked dead into a camera and explained all of this to the world in vivid detail. When you think about it that way, it’s actually a little touching.

But mostly this is a story about people who put coffee up their butts.

(H/T Brian Floyd)