‘Mythbusters’ Will Take On ‘The Simpsons’ In Its Cartoonish Season Premiere

While UPROXX celebrates the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons in its own special way, the Mythbusters will be doing the same with the thirteenth season’s premiere episode in January. Yes, that’s right. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will take on the myths inspired by a prime time cartoon show. What’s the first myth to prove or disprove, fellas? That cartoons are people, too?

According to Entertainment Weekly:

The episode has roots going back at least a couple years. In 2012, Adam and Jamie guest-voiced a Simpsons episode that spoofed their Discovery show. “That felt like a bucket-list item more than almost any other thing that we’ve experienced doing our show,” Savage says.

The appearance led to the guys considering busting Simpsons myths. While the prospect of tackling scenes in TV’s longest-running scripted series was appealing, there was also a “very contentious” debate behind the scenes. “Several people were like, ‘This is a cartoon! What can you do with this?'” Savage recalls. “We looked through many, many, many different bits on The Simpsons, but I think that we found stuff that really is entertaining and not totally outside the realm of physics—unlike, say, Wile E Coyote stuff might be. We reached out [to The Simpsons producers], and they were totally into it.”

Sampled bits up for testing include Bart’s use of a cherry bomb to enact a flash flood-like eruption in the school’s plumbing, and Homer using his own body to prevent a wrecking ball from destroying his home. For the latter myth, “the Mythbusters team not only had to find two houses to potentially wreck, but also create a life-size Homer Simpson.” A. LIFE. SIZE. HOMER. SIMPSON.

If I could make a request, Adam and Jamie, could you please add two myths to your bonus materials? First, try to recreate Homer’s angry art. Once you’re done with that, find the guy with the Simpsons tattoos and ask him “Why”? No need for heavy research or destruction of public property.

Source: Entertainment Weekly