Nathan Fielder Fooled The Internet Years Ago With A Fake Psychic Website

In addition to last night’s Conan, Nathan Fielder also appeared on Bill Simmons’ Grantland yesterday in which, towards the end of the podcast (1:08 mark), he discussed a fake “psychic and spiritual healer” website he managed under the pseudonym Ronald Shoub. Of course, this was back when he was just working as a writer and no one knew who Nathan Fielder was.

After a quick search I found that Reddit discovered the site back in 2010 and didn’t know what the hell to make of it — although many strongly felt that it was the work of a troll artist.

Here’s an excerpt from the “About” page:

Although Ronald was born a natural psychic, he didn’t always know he had this ability. In fact it wasn’t until grade seven, when Ronald sensed that his math teacher was pregnant, that he realized he had a metaphysical gift. (It turned out that his math teacher herself wasn’t pregnant but it was actually her pet dog that was pregnant!) But at the time Ronald didn’t take his spot-on predictions too seriously. After all, he was a teenager and much more concerned with “meeting girls” and going to “the prom” than he was with psychic mastery.

The whole thing is classic Fielder, complete with a FAQ page that provides helpful instructions on how to clear your internet history if you’re embarrassed about visiting a psychic website, testimonials with a famous celebrity’s name “starred out for privacy purposes,” a blog and, store containing his literary debut: Me Psychic, You Psychic. I cannot recommend perusing the entire website highly enough.

Marry me, Nathan Fielder.

(H/T Phil T.)