NBC Adds Adam Levine Karaoke Sitcom

08.01.11 8 years ago 20 Comments

Like every single woman in Hollywood between the ages of 18-37, NBC is hopping into bed with Maroon 5 frontman, and judge on “The Voice,” Adam Levine. The Levine-produced project will be a sitcom set in a karaoke bar, which is funny because it sounds like something your manager would threaten you with. (Ex. – “If you don’t start taking these auditions seriously, you’ll be lucky to end up on a KARAOKE SITCOM on NBC produced by ADAM LEVINE!”) Deadline has all the details here, but whatever. Maybe it’ll be good. I dunno.

What’s most frustrating about this karaoke sitcom is that, so far, Kate Upton isn’t involved in it. Which means I have no excuse to post the pictures from the photoshoot she just did for Complex. Believe me, I’ve been churning my brain for like 30 minutes trying to make them TV-related. Meanwhile, because she was in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, stupid Brandon at With Leather gets to post the WHOLE SET OF PICTURES AND VIDEO OF KATE UPTON BOOBS BIKINI SEXY UPTONBOOBS CLEAVAGE BATHING SUIT. Oh, hello Internet searcher. Nice of you to join us.

In summation, someone give that girl a goddamn TV show already.

After the jump, my feelings on this Kate Upton picture situation in GIF form.

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