NBC Takes Another Crap On Ann Curry (And The Morning Links)

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12.14.12 8 Comments

About six months ago, NBC yanked Ann Curry from their struggling Today show only to suffer a public relations nightmare, as Curry’s sh*tcanning was blamed on Matt Lauer, whose reputation — and the ratings of Today — have continued to fall. Thank goodness, however, long-suffering Ann Curry — who was loyal to NBC for over 15 years — got an out, after CNN’s new chief (and former NBC President) Jeff Zucker recruited her to the fledgling news network. There’s just one catch, according to Radar: NBC won’t let her out of her contract. OH COME ON, NBC. Do something positive for once. JEEZ. In fact, do yourself a favor and fire Matt Lauer and Savanah Guthrie, as well, and hire Troy and Abed to be the new hosts of Today.

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