Neal McDonough Cast As The Lead In 'L.A. Noir'

Neal McDonough — who plays the rail gun-totin’ carpetbagger Robert Quarles on this season of “Justified” — has been cast as the lead in Frank Darabont’s upcoming TNT pilot, “L.A. Noir.” Deadline has some of the details:

“LA Noir” tells the true story of a decades-long conflict between the LAPD, under the determined leadership of Police Chief [William] Parker (McDonough), and ruthless criminal elements led by mobster Mickey Cohen, a one-time boxer who rose to the top of LA’s criminal world. Parker, a man with a long memory and a ruthless streak when provoked, is committed to rooting out corruption in the police department, and equally dedicated to bringing down Mickey Cohen and the mob.

McDonough has been excellent on “Justified” this season, ranging from an icy businessman to an unhinged psychopath, and it sounds like he’s going to get to flex some more of those muscles here. I approve of this casting, especially if he brings the rail gun with him. I love that thing so much that I wish it was included in the credits so it could start receiving full SAG benefits. (“And introducing ‘Raily,’ as ‘The Rail Gun.'”) All I’m saying is that it’s tough out there in this economy for a small gun on a track located inside someone’s sleeve, and I’d like to see it get the recognition it deserves. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable.

McDonough’s comments on landing the role after the jump.

Well said, Neal.