Let’s Talk About Lindsay Lohan And [SECRET CAMEO] In The ‘Eastbound & Down’ Finale

11.18.13 4 years ago 28 Comments

lohan eastbound

That mighty motherf*cker Burnsy (seriously, he had sex with my mom, someone need to stop him) will have his full Eastbound & Down recap/eulogy later, but we can’t go any further today without talking about the show’s Six Feet Under-esque conclusion, except instead of Claire Fisher, there was another redhead who has seen hard times and harder drugs: Lindsay Lohan. She played Kenny’s daughter, while [FAMOUS HBO PERSON WHOSE PENIS YOU’VE ANALYZED] slipped on a wig to portray his son.

Reaction to the casting seems, surprise surprise, split, with one camp believing that Lohan and [SWEDISH GOD WHO MAKES OTHER MEN SEEM LESS BY COMPARISON] were unnecessary, while the other haha, it’s funny because I know who those people are. I didn’t mind it, though I would have preferred to see Olivia Wilde instead of Lohan. Outside of the obviousness of that statement, in any context, it also would have made for a good Shane Dog mind f*ck…from beyond the grave.

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