Nerds Be Raging That ‘Star Wars’ Characters Were On ‘Extreme Makeover’ Last Night

I know, right? Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is still on? Apparently so: the long-running ABC reality series was canceled in January, but now intermittently returns in the form of “specials” throughout the year, including last night, which, according to Deadline, was partially Star Wars-themed. This, naturally, caused some rancor (or, RANCOR, in nerd terms) amongst some Lucas diehards, who feel that their precious childhoods have been bantha dunged upon, ever since Georgie Boy sold Lucasfilm to Disney for $4 billion.

According to my intel, host Ty Pennington visited the Zdroj family after the female firefighter volunteer’s own home was destroyed by the largest wildfire in Texas history. Turns out a handful of Star Wars reenactors “including an Imperial Officer, Storm, Sand, Snow, and Clone Troopers” showed up for the taping a year ago…They were from the Central Texas 501st Legion, also known as Vader’s Fist, which is a Lucasfilm-approved organization that coordinates do-good visits and events…For this family, they made a Storm Trooper mask for the family and autographed the inside because it turns out family man Chris Zdroj and his 8-year-old twin sons have long been fans of the Star Wars saga. Whaddaya think the chances of that might have been? (Via)

If Nikki Finke and Aaron Sorkin had a baby together, it’d smother the world with its insufferability. YA THINK.

“I just saw the opening two minutes and they had Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers helping build a new house!” one Star Wars fanboy complained to me. “This is disgusting and it’s exactly what people were afraid of with Disney buying Star Wars. They are ruining the franchise by using it for trivial bullsh*t. Please write about this. It’s outrageous and it’s totally wrong.” (Via)

OH NOES characters from a 35-year-old movie helped a poor family who lost everything they owned in a fire rebuild their house! FRANCHISE. RUINED. BURN DISNEY. It doesn’t matter that the special was filmed a year before the transaction went down, or that a good deed was being done, or that Star Wars has already done a fantastic job of destroying its own reputation with The Holiday Special and prequels and literally slapping the logo on anything that can be sold in an amusement park or gas station — it’s “BULLSH*T.”

“I mean, come on,” the fanboy continued, “why would Darth Vader help build a house? Here are 9,439,924 reasons, all in the canon, why this makes no sense. SLAVE GIRL MOM, BRING ME MY NOVELS. #1…”

(Via Deadline)