Netflix Has Already Picked Up ‘Orange Is The New Black’ For A Third Season



A little context: Netflix has a habit of picking up future seasons of shows before the next one debuts. They picked up a third season of House of Cards two weeks before the second season premiered, they picked up a second season of Orange Is the New Black three weeks before the first season premiered, etc. It’s kind of becoming their thing. So, when you couple that with the fact that Orange Is the New Black is (a) their biggest hit, (b) great, and (c) returning for its second season in about a month, this news isn’t actually all that surprising.

But, whatever. It’s still cool, so here goes.

The streaming service has renewed critical darling Orange Is the New Black for a third season.

The prison drama from Weeds exec producer Jenji Kohan has received its second early renewal, with Netflix granting another run a full month before its sophomore season bows June 6. [THR]

As someone who spends a lot of time — too much time, honestly — worrying about the fates of critically-beloved comedies (Parks & Rec, Community, Happy Endings [RIP]), I gotta say, this is … this is nice, right? I mean, it’s so FREEING. It’ll be a breath of fresh air to sit back enjoy one of these without also wondering if/when the cancellation hammer is gonna drop, and whether a Hail Mary social media campaign will keep it from doing so for another 8-12 months. Yes, this will do just fine. More like this, plz and thx.

In other news, the announcement was made on Instagram by Laura Prepon, who sent it out along with a list of purported Season 3 episode titles. Looks like I have to scrap my screenplay for “Hanging Ten in Blowjob City.” They beat me to it fair and square.

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