Netflix Is Going To Remake Your Entire Childhood With ‘Danger Mouse’ And ‘Inspector Gadget’

With the likes of Richie Rich and The Magic School Bus, it seems Netflix is becoming no stranger to mining nostalgia in order to feed its machine, and that’s what probably led to its latest announcement. According to reports, among five children’s series that will be added to the service are remakes of Danger Mouse and Inspector Gadget.

The shows are: Danger Mouse, featuring the rodent superspy star of the ’80s animated TV show; Inspector Gadget, about the bumbling bionic detective; Some Assembly Required, a live-action show about a kid toy inventor; Bottersnikes & Gumbles, based on the Australian book series of the same name; and Super 4, a CGI-animated series inspired by Playmobil toys. (Via)

The new Inspector Gadget will debut in March 2015, while the new Danger Mouse will debut in the spring of 2016.

Via Variety