Netflix Won’t Film A TV Series In North Carolina Because Of Its Anti-LGBTQ Laws

01.10.19 5 months ago 6 Comments

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North Carolina’s discriminatory legislation, House Bill 2, still seems to be losing the state projects from major corporations. The latest example of this appears to be Netflix and production of a new show that’s supposed to be based in the Tar Heel State.

House Bill 2, colloquially known as the “bathroom bill,” was passed in 2016 and saw a wide backlash that lost the state a number of major projects and companies committing to the state. Perhaps most famously, the NBA decided to move its All-Star Game from Charlotte to New Orleans in 2017 in response to HB2.

Part of the bill was changed as a result of that, and the NBA decided to award the All-Star game to the Hornets later this winter, but not every company was satisfied by changes to the laws. That includes Netflix, which won’t film ‘OBX,’ a show set to take place in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, in North Carolina.

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