Nevada’s Most Infamous Brothel Wants To Make Your ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fantasies Come True

Watching Game of Thrones on television is fun, but sometimes you want to truly experience the magic of being in the show. How many times have you stared off into the distance and thought “man, I would really like to do that naked walk of shame Cersei did without using a body double?” Good news: Thanks to The Bunny Ranch, you can make all of those fantasies (and more) come true. For an extra fee, you can even have your sexual activities spied on by the people running the place!

The idea to provide the Game of Thrones experience came to business owner Dennis Hof after he realized that A) Game of Thrones is very popular (surprise!) and B) that lots of the ladies he works with are actually big fans of the show and can provide both the sex and the realistic role-playing required to make everything seem real.

From a press release regarding the brothel’s new offerings:

“Every Sunday, I invite the girls to my house for a Game Of Thrones watching party, and the storylines often end up carrying over into our bedroom activities. We enjoy having our own afterparty, and I want to share that experience with the clients of my brothels who also happen to be fans of the show.”

What can you expect if you decide to venture right on down to the ranch and see if Air Force Amy (star of HBO’s Cathouse) is available for some quality Cersei/Jaime adventuring? Well, there’s a fully-stocked BDSM dungeon on the ranch’s premises and you can start the whole thing off with the walk of shame. Hof says the journey of sexy humiliation begins in the lobby and then takes you on a rambling tour of the entire premises, including lots of time spent outside where passing drivers can stop to watch the magic happen. Will some of them scream “shame” as you walk past? Probably not, because they’ll just be wondering why a naked person is wandering around so close to the highway, but they might snap a picture as a keepsake!

Hof says that there are an “unlimited number of legal prostitutes” available to make all of your HBO drama fantasies come true, but there’s no word on whether a Jon Snow package — one in which you lay there pretending to be dead while everyone around you wonders whether you truly are — is available.