HBO Now December Highlights, Including A ‘Watchmen’ Finale And A Dan Soder Comedy Special

HBO closes out 2019 by bidding farewell to a couple of exciting new series (for now) and delivering some comedy to make those goodbyes easier.

First up is the season finales of Watchmen, Damon Lindelof’s excellent comic book adaptation, and His Dark Materials, another book-to-screen exercise that’s really paid off for the network. Silicon Valley ends for good, but a new stand-up special from comedian Dan Soder and a Seth Rogen/Charlize Theron rom-com fill that funny void. Here’s everything coming to (and leaving) HBO this December.

Watchmen, Season Finale
Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen adaptation has stunned comic fans and critics alike with its bold storytelling choices and subversive style but all good things must come to an end, and the show’s first season wraps up this month, though hopefully not before answering a few lingering questions. Just small things, about alluded-to superheroes and the impending apocalypse and clone parties, really. Then again, it’s Lindelof so keep your expectations realistic people.

Long Shot
Did 2019 need a romantic comedy starring Charlize Theron as the next president of the United States and Seth Rogen as her stoner friend-turned-speechwriter? We’d argue yes. This thoughtful, funny offering pairs two very different actors, mining their surprising chemistry by throwing them into increasingly bizarre scenarios. Rogen’s his usual lovable bro-type self while Theron gets to stretch her comedic muscles a bit more. Really, there are worse rom-coms you could watch.

Dan Soder: Son of A Gary
Stand-up comedian Dan Soder joins the ranks of entertainers to lend their talent to HBO specials this year and tuning in to his set might be one of the better ways to end 2019. Soder addresses plenty of relatable, millennial problems like the fear of kids, the obsession with being liked, and the dread of seeing a baby board your flight, but he also gets deep about growing up in a single-parent home, his odd childhood, and all the anxieties that accompany our generation.

Series Premieres:
Umbre, Seasons One and Two (12/2)
HBO Latino Presents: A Tiny Audience, Part 1 (12/6)

Season Finales:
Mrs. Fletcher, Limited Series Finale (12/8)
Silicon Valley, Series Finale (12/8)
Watchmen, Season Finale (12/15)
His Dark Materials, Season Finale (12/23)
Santos Dumont, Season Finale (12/16)
La Vida Secreta de las parejas, Season 2 Finale (12/20)

Original Programming:
24/7 Kelly Slater (12/3)
HBO Latino Presents: A Tiny Audience, Part 1 (12/6)
Dan Soder: Son of A Gary (12/7)
Belichick & Saban: The Art of Coaching (12/10)
Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements (12/11)
Mel Brooks Unwrapped (12/13)
HBO First Look: 1917 (12/13)
Well Groomed (12/17)
Finding The Way Home (12/18)

Theatrical Premieres:
Unfriended: Dark Web (Alternate Version), 2018 (12/1)
Can You Keep A Secret?, 2019 (12/1)
American Woman, 2018 (12/4)
Long Shot, 2019 (12/7)
Hellboy, 2019 (12/14)
The Sun Is Also a Star, 2019 (12/21)
Pokémon Detective Pikachu, 2019 (12/28)
Her Smell, 2018 (12/30)

Esta Es Tu Cuba (AKA This Is Your Cuba) (12/1)
Yuli (12/6)
En Tu Piel (AKA 7:20 Once A Week) (12/13)
Entre Nos: About Last Night (12/13)
Coyote Lake (12/20)
El Baile de la Gacela (AKA The Gazelle’s Dance) (12/27)

Starting December 1:
The Abyss, 1989
Being Julia, 2004
The Beverly Hillbillies, 1993
Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son (Extended Version), 2011
Bridesmaids (Extended Version), 2011
Buena Vista Social Club, 1999
Cedar Rapids, 2011
Closer, 2004
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, 2007
Empire of the Sun, 1987
Grandma’s Boy, 2006
Heaven & Earth, 1993
Hoop Dreams, 1994
Jersey Girl, 2004
Justin Bieber’s Believe, 2013
Mr. Popper’s Penguins, 2011
Primeval, 2007
Rise of the Planet of the Apes, 2011
Sucker Punch, 2011
The Ringer, 2005
The Woman in Red, 1984
Unfriended, 2015
Unknown, 2011
Van Helsing, 2004
What About Bob?, 1991

Ending December 8:
12 Strong, 2018

Ending December 26:
The A-Team (Extended Version), 2010
We Are Your Friends, 2015

Ending December 28:
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, 2010

Ending December 31:
The 15:17 to Paris, 2018
A Fantastic Fear of Everything, 2019
A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy, 1982
A Nightmare on Elm Street, 2010
Annie Hall, 1977
Away from Here, 2007
Beer Fest, 2006
Boy’s Don’t Cry, 1999
By the Sea, 2015
Conspiracy Theory, 1997
Dead Man on Campus, 1998
Early Man, 2018
Funny Games, 2008
Halloween, 2018
Halloween II, 1981
Halloween II: Season of the Witch, 1982
Hannah and Her Sisters, 1986
High Crimes, 2002
Holes, 2003
I, Robot, 2004
Joe Somebody, 2001
Little Fockers, 2010
Miracle At St. Anna, 2008
Mr. Right, 2016
My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 2002
Night School (Extended Version), 2018
The Predator, 2018
The Ring Two (Extended Version), 2005
Sex and the City 2, 2010
Shark Tale, 2004
Shanghai Knights, 2003
The Siege, 1998
Term Life, 2016
Titan A.E., 2000
Without a Paddle, 2004