Here’s Everything New On Hulu For August 2019

07.16.19 1 month ago


Hulu is gearing up for fall with a handful of surprising blockbusters, comedies, and documentaries added to its lineup. Paul Feig’s murder mystery, A Simple Favor, might be the most famous flick heading to the streaming platform towards the end of the month, but Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey drops his comedy, The Beach Bum, much earlier. For non-fiction fans, another documentary war, this time between Hulu and YouTube, heats up when filmmaker Ben Berman investigates the chaos surrounding a dying magician’s comeback.

Here’s everything coming to (and leaving) Hulu this August.


A Simple Favor (8/22)
Paul Feig’s darkly comedic murder mystery lands on the streaming platform this month. The film, which stars Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, follows the unlikely friendship between a mommy vlogger struggling to live life as a single parent after the death of her husband, and a fashionista with a son of her own and a dangerous secret she’d kill to keep. Literally. Besides Lively’s stylish wardrobe and the pair’s undeniable chemistry, this film is filled with dry wit, dry martinis, and, what else, murder.

The Beach Bum (8/9)
Matthew McConaughey’s stoner comedy about a struggling writer who goes on one hell of a bender after the death of his cheating wife arrives at the beginning of the month. McConaughey plays Moondog, a slow-talking lothario happy to smoke weed and drift through life on the dime of his rich wife (Isla Fisher) who dies in a car accident and freezes his inheritance until he can get his life on track. A stint in rehab, life on the run as a crossdresser, and Jimmy Buffet all follow before Moondog finds a way to finish his novel and make peace with his destiny.

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