Here’s Everything New On Netflix This Week, Including Chris Evans In ‘The Red Sea Diving Resort’


Netflix wraps up the month of July with some hot offerings, like Chris Evans in a chest-baring wetsuit hot. The Marvel star’s action-packed drama The Red Sea Diving Resort lands on the streaming platform this week and sees Evans wrangling a group of spies for an incredible rescue mission based on a true story. In the world of TV, Netflix’s Dear White People returns for another year of Ivy League nonsense as the students of Winchester face new challenges.

Here’s everything coming to (and leaving) Netflix this week of August 2nd.

The Red Sea Diving Resort (Netflix film streaming 7/31)

Chris Evans ditches his Captain America shield behind in favor of a shaggier haircut and a revealing wet suit in this drama based on a remarkable real-life rescue mission. Evans plays an Israeli agent in the ’80s who runs an undercover operation with a ragtag group of spies to smuggle Ethiopian refugees out of Sudan during a time of war, using a deserted holiday retreat as a front. Think Argo, but resort-style. The supporting cast is filled with talent, but let’s be real, you’re watching this thing for Evans — and his beard.

Dear White People: Volume 3 (Netflix series streaming 8/2)

The third season of Dear White People sees the students of Winchester embracing change and new challenges as The Order of X is explored and new characters come on board. While Reggie continues to rebel against his carefully cultivated identity as a friendly activist, the rest of the group explores new romances and confronts old hurts.