Stephen Colbert And John Oliver Try To Compete With Jon Stewart To Kick Off A Very Hectic ‘Night Of Too Many Stars’

Through a surprisingly curse-filled two hours of star-studded comedy, HBO’s Night of Too Many Stars was able to raise money to aid people with autism and provide them with the tools to live a fuller life. The cause, however, didn’t stop Stephen Colbert for calling out Stewart’s problematic intro. Nor did it stop Colbert from trying to hijack Stewart’s intro to the show. As Dale Cooper said: the past dictates the future, and this was like the Colbert Report invading The Daily Show. Except, there was a twist that few saw coming (except that he was on the marketing materials but play along anyway): John Oliver.

In a three-way-dance of fundraising and one-upmanship, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart all jockeyed for control of the show. Colbert wanted to play to the folks that wander into his New York-based show, Oliver wanted to discuss the minutia of prison reform in the Midwest, and Stewart just wanted to get the show on the road and bring out more celebrities.

And so the celebrities came. With Thanksgiving around the corner, Comedy Central’s Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson hosted a nice little meal prepared by a robot duo not known for their turkey-carving skills:

You can watch the full show here, courtesy of HBO’s YouTube:

Don’t forget, you can donate to provide people with autism the means to live a meaningful, engaged life here.