Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Is Unequivocally Blunt When Asked About The Fate Of Jon Snow

The last eight months have been incredibly rough on not just Kit Harington (whose life must be just complete hell at this point), but on the entire cast of Game of Thrones, who can’t go anywhere without people asking about the fate of Jon Snow. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau discussed this topic with Jimmy Kimmel last night, who admitted that every single person he encounters — including Kerry Washington’s mother backstage — asks him whether Jon Snow is dead or alive.

So to preempt this line of questioning, Coster-Waldau says that now when he first meets a person, he’ll just start the conversation with “Jon Snow is dead” to get it out of the way. So yes, that is the consensus of Jaime Lannister himself, who goes on to say, “Listen, he was stabbed 50 times in the heart. He’s dead.” When Kimmel points out that stranger things have happened on Thrones, Coster-Waldau elaborates his stance: “Spoiler, at the end of season five, he’s dead.”

Of course, Harington himself has said the same about the fate of his character, but as we all know by now he’s been seen filming on set looking very much alive. So the question at this point really shouldn’t be “Is Jon Snow dead” but “How is Jon Snow undead?” Two more months until we find out, people. Two more long, grueling, horrible months.

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