Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins Playing 'Crisco Twister' on MTV (and Morning Links)

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04.05.12 5 Comments

This clip is over 20 years old, but the network’s fascination with all things oily remains. Looking at you, Snooki.

The Best and Worst of WWE WrestleMania XXVIII Live — The Rock should have come into the ring dressed as Bigfoot, with selections from All Aboard the Freedom Music as his entrance music. (With Leather)

Google Would Like to Introduce You to Project Glass, the Eyewear of the Future — Geordi La Forge: fashion icon. (Uproxx)

A Jiggly Scarlett Johansson Highlighted In the First Clip from The Avengers — I like my JELL-O the way I like my Scarlett Johansson: berry blue. (Gamma Squad)

A Brief History of Nic Cage Being Crazy — We often discuss moments that would blow up the Internet on WG, like if there was another terrorist attack in the U.S. or if Christina Hendricks’s dress fell off on a red carpet, to reveal her red…well, y’know. Nic Cage getting nominated for a second Oscar would be another such moment. (Film Drunk)

An Open Letter to Donald Glover… — Can you introduce me to Alison? xoxo -Josh (Smoking Section)

The 25 Most Ridiculously-Named Fan Groupies — Digbert Q. Thusslepuss. (BuzzFeed)

Sofia Vergara Gets Sassy with Jason Sudeikis in “SNL” Promos — I originally read that as “gassy.” Heh, farts. (Huffington Post)

Interview: Brann Dailor of Mastodon Loves Velvet Paintings — The drummer from Trivium prefers murals. It’s a source of tension between the two bands. (Adult Swim)

The 10 Biggest Mistakes in Titanic — #1-10. Letting Billy Zane speak. (MovieFone)

Presenting 21 People Who Had No Idea That the Movie Titanic Was Based on a Real Event — What??? Next you’ll tell me Pearl Harbor wasn’t about pearls. I assume; I haven’t actually seen it. (Fark)

10 Sketchy Easter Bunnies — I’m going to PASS OVER sitting on these bunnies’ laps. A little Jew joke for you all. (The FW)

WANTED: Women Who Passionately Dislike Ryan Gosling. Show Your Face, You Dirty Liars — Hey girl, my only passion is you. (Pajiba)

Six Interesting Interpretations of God in Comic Books — But they all have perfect teeth and a nice smell. Class acts all the way. (Unreality Mag)

“The Simpsons” 9 Best Movie Parodies — “Eighteen thousand letters, all addressed to Santa Claus.” “You want the People of Springfield versus Kris Kringle. That’s next door.” (Screen Junkies)

Blind 15-Year-Old Plays Dubstep Song on the Piano After Only Hearing It Once — Yeah…well…in middle school, I once appeared on the local news playing the recorder. If it weren’t for that pesky reporter, I’d still be jamming to “Pop Goes the Weasel.” (Bro Bible)

Bruce Lee’s Influence on Modern MMA — Sunglasses. (The High Definite)

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