Norm Macdonald Hates Oscar Pistorius And It Has Nothing To Do With That Trivial Murder Stuff

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05.22.14 13 Comments

Norm Macdonald delivered a blistering one-minute audition for the available Late Late Show hosting gig last night on Conan, but he didn’t stop endearing himself to the masses there. He also came armed with a not-at-all controversial anti-Oscar Pistorius stance.

If that sounds like a very un-Norm-like attempt to pander to a mainstream audience with a generic opinion, worry not. Because it came with a #HOTTAKE twist: Norm’s hatred for Pistorius has absolutely nothing to do with those charges the Bladerunner is facing for shooting up his girlfriend. If you’re going to make it in today’s entertainment business, you’ve gotta come with unique angles, and Norm certainly delivered one here.

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