Norman Reedus Crashed A College TV Production Class For An April Fool’s ‘Walking Dead’ Lecture

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If Norman Reedus was your guest lecturer for every class, attendance would be high every day of the week. He’d show up, lick some folks, teach some proper crossbow etiquette, and then show how to plan the perfect high stakes shootout.

Sadly that’s not the case, but one lucky TV production class at New York’s St. John’s University did get Reedus as special April Fool’s treat today. Mashable was on hand for Reedus’ appearance in the class, providing a pleasant surprise to some very nervous students:

As 10 to 15 students chatted nervously about the script project that was clearly overhyped by their (real) professor to throw them off. When the professor left the classroom “to take care of something,” the students mused about him being up to an April Fools’ Prank.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if a celebrity walked in?” a student asked, as her classmates laughed, moments before one actually did walk into the classroom.

The film students asked Reedus a few questions about technique and creative endeavors, but they were not shy about the real topic of interest.

The only topic they wanted to discuss, of course, was The Walking Dead. The class couldn’t pull any secrets out of Reedus, but they did manage to find out what his favorite episode of the series was up to this point:

Reedus talked to fans about the show, warmly referring to the cast as “family,” and immediately recalled his favorite episode. Unsurprisingly, it’s “Still” (Season 4, Episode 12) — or the one where Beth and Daryl drink moonshine and everyone realized they belonged together forever. (via)

The pop in was part of the #BestDayEver April Fool’s prank, sponsored by Chevrolet and WhoSay. Reedus was one of five celebrities doing similar visits today, with Alec Baldwin, Olivia Wilde, Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder dropping in elsewhere. I don’t know what Baldwin would be talking about, but let’s hope he kept it PG.

(Via Mashable)