Norman Reedus Wants Breastfeeding Women To ‘Free The Nipple’

Norman Reedus, whose intense Internet popularity probably means he’s no stranger to both anonymous male and female nipples, has come out in defense of women breastfeeding in public. Mothers Tammie Hamed and Libby Dalton met The Walking Dead star at the HorrorHound Convention in Cincinnati, and shared their interaction on Facebook, writing, “We had taken a pic and he was holding a fake boob for it. He made a comment about boobs and so many babies. Somehow breastfeeding was mentioned and we offered to take a nursing pic with him. He was excited and said it was the best pic he’s ever taken.” Reedus himself added:

“Free it! Love these ladies! Tonight’s show is gonna be awesome!!!”

Even opossum-eating Daryl draws the line at eating placentas, though.