Now You Can Buy Fresh Pizza from a Vending Machine (Italian Woman Not Included)

I don’t know why these haven’t been installed in every school, office, and rest stop in America already, but soon Let’s Pizza will be rolling out the very same pizza vending machines that are already popular in Europe. I’m not talking about a frozen pizza you buy and stick in a microwave, either. I mean, a vending machine that makes pizza from scratch, cooks it, and packages it all in under three minutes. For $6, you can get a 10.5 inch, 675 calorie margherita, pepperoni, ham or bacon pizza. You can even pay extra for a pizza cutter.

The best part? The demonstration ad, in which a beautiful Italian woman tells you how it’s done. She also takes pains to remind you that this pizza is never touched by dirty human hands. A heart attack has never been easier!


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