Rep. Peter King Busted Taking Cell Phone Pic Of Jay-Z And Beyonce Prior To Obama’s Inauguration Speech

TV cameras today caught a hardass GOP congressman not associated with cool EVER — Rep. Peter King — snapping a photo of Jay-Z and Beyonce with his cell phone at the Obama inauguration (that’s him on the far right in the pic above). I don’t know if I’ll ever stop laughing at this. Surely he was taking it to show his grand kids or something, but still, it’s funny. Very funny. I tip my cap to you, Peter King. Ain’t no shame in his game.

And if you missed Obama’s speech, it’s embedded below…

A programming note: we’re taking the afternoon of this MLK holiday to go outside, run errands, get some offline work done, attend an NBA game (GEAUX HORNETS!), etc. Unless something big comes up, of course. See y’all tomorrow.

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