Oh Hi, Kat Dennings

11.04.11 14 Comments

I guess all I do is posts about GQ interviews now, because here is one with Kat Dennings, star of “2 Broke Girls” on CBS. The interview is a decent read, and there is a video after the jump of her answering some questions and acting kinda strange (see, header image). On the scale of Recent Q&As With Women From Television That Have Been Posted On Warming Glow, the industry’s standard measuring device, this one ranks way above Snooki talking about books and finances, but way, way, WAY below Alison Brie talking about her breasts for like 30-40 straight seconds. So, yeah. Somewhere in between those two ends of the spectrum.

Personally, I like Kat Dennings. She’s kind of a goof, and I can appreciate that. It’s a shame she’s stuck on “2 Broke Girls,” because that show is pretty terrible. (Sample joke: Did you know hipsters and people with funny accents are stupid? THEY ARE! [laugh track]). We should all team up to try to get her out of there, like in a heist movie. Matt and I can get sweet black turtlenecks like fancy international art thieves. We’ll show up on the set all sneaky-like and lay in wait for exactly the right moment to spring into action. Then, when I give you guys the top secret signal (“HOLY SH-T, NOW! DO IT NOW! THE PLAN! THE ONE WE TALKED ABOUT! YOU KNOW, THE KAT DENNINGS THING! NOW!”), you all create a distraction on set so we can attach her to a zip line and spirit her off to the set of “Community.”

It’s almost too easy.

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