Oh, Just Julie Andrews, Jonah Hill, And Channing Tatum Talking About Nude Scenes

05.25.14 5 Comments

For reasons that are probably very explainable but that I don’t want to know because I have chosen to believe they are all friends, legend of the stage and screen Julie Andrews appeared on The Graham Norton Show alongside Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum last week. And they proceeded to talk about nudity. A lot. To the unending delight of Jonah Hill, who described the whole thing as “the funniest conversation I’ve ever been in.”

Specifically, Norton asked Andrews about a topless scene she did in her husband Blake Edwards’s 1981 film S.O.B., which led to a discussion about how a cold studio affects male and female nudity differently, which was kicked off by Julie Andrews gesturing to Channing Tatum and saying “It just can be cold in the studio. Didn’t you find that when you had to strip?,” which led to Channing Tatum getting kind of uncomfortable and literally sitting on his hands like an embarrassed 8-year-old, all of which brings up a pretty important point that I hadn’t even considered until this very moment.

You guys. I think Julie Andrews has seen Magic Mike.


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