Old Person Won't Host Thing You Don't Watch

Jerry Lewis, the 85-year-old comedian who’s famous for things your parents might have seen, will not host the Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon this year, and the MDA issued a press release announcing that he was no longer the organization’s chairman.

Just last week Lewis told reporters as he promoted “Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis,” an Encore documentary about the legendary star, not to believe everything that had been reported, when asked if he was definitely out of hosting the MDA Telethon. [Access Hollywood]

On one hand, I want to handle this gently, because the MDA is a good cause and Lewis worked hard for it for so many years, and now he’s minutes away from dying (probably).

On the other hand, who gives a sh*t. Telethons started losing their relevance when the remote control got invented. The fact that the MDA is still relying on one when people have the internet and a couple hundred cable channels should tell you how well the organization is navigating the 21st century. Oh, they got rid of the 85-year-old host? Great job. Maybe in another 20 years they can tell me what the year 2011 is like.