This Is What A Terrible Date At The Olive Garden Looks Like

Last night Charlotte-based product designer Adam Howell went to dinner at the Olive Garden, because that’s what one does for dinner on Sunday nights in Charlotte, I guess. While there, he witnessed a couple at a table near him making the case for never entering into a relationship ever, with the guy half of the couple at one point constructing a menu fort so his eyes wouldn’t have to be poisoned by the sight of the woman sitting across the table from him. We’ve all been there, no?

Howell tweeted, “A grown ass man is mad at his girlfriend at Olive Garden & has made a menu fort.” He then provided some additional play-by-play.

Fortunately for the hopeless romantics out there, there was a bit of a happy ending…

Also, I’m pretty sure that was Vinny from Jersey Shore hiding behind those menus.