Olivia Wilde Celebrated Her Engagement With Jason Sudeikis By Taking Him To A Strip Club

It’s not a stretch to say that we’re big fans of Olivia Wilde ’round these parts. She’s quite GIF-able, always charming on late night shows, and she was in The O.C., so even if she committed a hate crime and then kicked a puppy off a building, we’d still probably like her. Such is the power of The O.C. (don’t call it that…bitch). Also, she was born “Olivia Cockburn,” which, heh. But she recently found a way to come across as even more likable, while simultaneously making fiancé Jason Sudeikis the most hated man in the world.

Olivia Wilde took her new fiancé, Saturday Night Live star Jason Sudeikis, on a raunchy date to a New York strip club, booking a private room with two pole dancers before picking up the tab, sources tell Page Six.

In a move that could turn already alluring Wilde into the most desirable fiancée on Earth, the actress took Sudeikis for a fun night out at the Penthouse Executive Club on West 45th Street.

There, a witness told us, “Olivia booked the private champagne room with two dancers. She took Jason inside, and while he wasn’t allowed to touch the dancers, she could touch them.” (Via)

She did this.

He did this.

And everyone was happy, except for us. Because we weren’t there.

(Via NY Post) (Via Fark)