Our Favorite TV-Related Halloween Costumes from Walking Around NYC

Ed. Note: As someone who’s been a full-time blogger for half a decade, my interpersonal skills have been almost completely destroyed, to the point that I now hate doing things like “going outside” and “talking to people.” But our man Josh Kurp and his fiancee Nadia are still young enough to happily engage in the teeming nightlife of New York City, so I sent them out to capture TV-related costumes last night. From “Dexter” to “South Park” to “Simpsons,” they found plenty. Enjoy.

(Photos by Nadia Chaudhury.)
Where’s there a gathering of folks in costumes, there’s a Green Man. This one seems to be web-slinging, for some reason. Semi-related: everyone reading this is invited to my apartment for a rousing game of CharDee MacDennis. You bring the wine, I’ll bring the kennel, we’ll both bring the Maori war dance.
We stopped inside Barnes and Noble, where this photo of Po Fawkes was taken, so I could use the restroom, and while I was walking, Black Jesus was walking out. And that dude peed EVERYWHERE. It was all the over the floor, just every place imaginable. Now, I’m not saying Jesus had it coming, but, well, yeah, I am.
This alien isn’t from a TV show as far as I know, but it’s the most convincing costume I saw all night. I have no idea if there’s a guy or girl underneath the purple makeup (probably guy), so we’ll refer to him/her as it, and it’s head was so tiny. If this were a TV show, the audience would know that it’s actually an alien, and laugh at the crowd for taking pictures with it, before it destroys our planet and has sex with our cousins.
Randy “Macho Man” Savage and the Ultimate Warrior, in a rare moment not spent atomic dropping and verbally bashing gay people, respectively.
“Duffman LOVES his lemongrass noodle bowl with mock duck, OHHHHH YEAHHHH!!!”
It always warms my heart to see people dressed up as “Reno 911!” characters.
Clearly, they had It — “It” being my second favorite costume of the night. All they’re missing is Mike O’Malley, who they probably could have hired on the cheap before “Glee” came along. Semi-related: when I was seven years old, I went to the “Family Double Dare” nationwide live tour when it stopped in Albany with my mom. A few dozen children were selected from the audience to slime and thrown whipped cream pies at their parents. I wasn’t chosen, and I sulked the rest of the day. True story.
This outfit runs deep: the guy on the left’s dressed up as Huell from “Breaking Bad” in costume as Charlie Brown.
My favorite costume of the evening: Dexter Victim. I like this more than I’ve liked any post-Trinity episode.
But did they really party on?
I actually saw the Hamsterdam Kia commercial before watching “The Wire,” which makes me an awful person. If you could dress up as anyone from “The Wire” for Halloween, who would it be? Going as Omar would probably be too racist, going as Steve Earle’s Walon not racist enough. The Jewish lawyer would be a nice middle ground for me.
No Kyle? Half credit.
Even she didn’t like “The Playboy Club.”
Football Head, Turnover Head, they’re both the same thing.
Upon hearing his name spoke only once that evening, Beetlejuice dulled the pain with a nice glass of Chardonnay.