This Video Of Paget Brewster Dancing In A Fur Bikini Will Make You Weep For The 1990s

The lovely and talented Paget Brewster is best known for her Community and Criminal Minds roles, but she has a secret past of bikini dancing you certainly didn’t know about. Even Paget forgot about this video until the AV Club dug it up after she made the mistake of namedropping her old sketch-comedy series, Strange America. No traces of this show can be found on the internet. That is, until now.

The AV Club guys mustered up the initiative to locate the defunct show’s producers (Kris Skrinak and Dave Ridley) on the off chance they may have some incriminating footage of Ms. Paget. As you can see, they revealed a doozy of an embarrassing video. During this 1994 sketch (from episode 20 of the show), Paget delivers breathy lyrics to a song called “Killing Time” as the “Gun Bunny” lead singer. She looks, well, let’s just say “in command” would be a good term. Otherwise, I’m sure your imagination can fill in the descriptors.

Paget wasn’t at all mortified to see this video surface, although she admitted, “I barely remember this, so it’s both better and worse than I thought. Is it awful that I think this is so mortifying yet hilarious that I want to tweet it?” The AV Club dudes had no problem with Paget’s endorsement.

Paget can next be seen on the small screen opposite John Stamos in Grandfathered. Yes, he plays the titular granddaddy, and Paget Brewster once shook her rack in a fur bikini. This is why the internet was invented.

(Via AV Club)

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