Directions To Pam’s New Place And The Best GIFs From This Week’s ‘Archer Vice’

UPDATE: The Best Of Last Night’s ‘Archer Vice’ And A Discussion With Executive Producer Matt Thompson

On this week’s adventure of Archer Vice, we find out that the mind can indeed vomit. Also the dude from the Yakuza survived that gun shot/fall from last time. Let’s dive in.

When last we left the gang, they had a buncha fake money.

And Pam may have developed a coke habit.

Which obviously leads to Pam using the fake money to buy amphetamines from the Yakuza.

Let’s just say, they are not pleased.

Don’t worry, Bret, er, Ron makes it to a hospital because the Elder Tunts build loads of tunnels under their mansion; to capture and return slaves during the Underground Railroad obviously.

And Archer, darker black suit and all, manages to negotiate with Mr. Moto.

They come to an agreement.

That Malory does not care for.

And once again, the old ISIS gang find themselves with less coke and little to show for it. Come back here tomorrow for a more in depth recap.

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