Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee Are Getting The Hulu Limited Series Treatment, With Lily James And Sebastian Stan Starring

They were one of the ’90s wildest couples — he a founding member of heavy metal gods Mötley Crüe, she a Baywatch standout who was later faux-abducted by Borat. And according to TVLine, now the three-year marriage of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson is getting the limited series treatment, with a Hulu show, called simply Pam & Tommy, to star Lily James and Sebastian Stan.

The two were married from 1995 through 1998 — a tumultuous time that kept tabloid reporters perpetually busy. It started when they tied the knot mere days after meeting. There was a leaked sex tape, and the lawsuit that ensued. There was also an incident of spousal assault that landed Lee in jail for six months. During his marriage, Lee was also involved in a riot that began with fellow Crüe bassist Nikki Six making a racist comment to a black guard, as well as another one involving a backwards swastika tattoo.

The show will be produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, with I,Tonya director Craig Gillespie directing. Stan co-starred in that film, playing another notorious ’90s husband, Tonya Harding spouse Jeff Gilloly. James, meanwhile, has never had a role as out-there as Pamela Anderson, having largely played prim English women and girlfriends to Edgar Wright heroes and a guy who claimed he wrote Beatles songs. Neither Anderson nor Lee are involved in the show, but, as per TVLine, they are “aware of its production.”

(Via TVLine)