Pamela Anderson Has Never Watched Her Tommy Lee Sex Tape, Has Penis Karma

News & Culture Writer

Pamela Anderson joined Meredith Vieira as guests on Watch What Happens Live Thursday night, where host Andy Cohen brought up the topic of Anderson’s infamous sex tape with then-husband Tommy Lee — the sex tape that made celebrity sex tapes “a thing.” When Cohen asked if they made a mint off the tape, Anderson contends that the tape was stolen property and she never made a single dollar off it.

Anderson says a deal was in the process of being made to stop the distribution, but, at that point, the tape was already out in the public. And because she was seven months pregnant at the time and didn’t need the stress, they decided to just wash their hands of the whole thing. Meredith Vieira also helpfully offered up that she’s also never made a dollar off of her vagina, so thanks for the clarification, Mer.

Staying on topic, a write-in viewer wanted to know if Tommy Lee’s monster schlong — which the world was introduced to, thanks to that stolen tape — was the biggest Anderson has ever seen. She says it is not, and that she’s just been blessed throughout her life with men who are exceptionally well-endowed. Consider that confirmation that Kid Rock is hung like a horse. You are welcome.

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