These Valentines Can Get It: Official 'Parks & Rec' Cards For The Wingless Angel In Your Life

I kind of always knew the day would come when I’d have to source Pinterest for something I think is great, thus forever damaging my ability to ridicule the site without mercy. Alas, today is that day, as I’ve just discovered the Parks and Recreation Valentine’s Day cards on NBC’s official Pinterest page for the show (lol wut?). They are as delightful as you’d imagine.

No sitcom mixes sweet and clever like Pawnee does, so it only makes sense the show should represent the best pop culture Valentine’s cards around (in my humble, non-researched opinion). It’s also a nice reminder that NBC Thursday nights are capable of unironically getting the internet on occasion, even if said “getting” involves launching cool things via Pinterest.

Alright, enough about me. Time to pick out one of these for that extra special lady or dude friend in your life. What’s that? Not all of you have a Valentine locked down just yet? Did I mention I like your hat?

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