'Parks & Rec' and 'Happy Endings' Got Renewed

05.11.12 23 Comments

In news that was mostly expected, but still fantastic, NBC has renewed “Parks & Recreation” for a fifth season. Even better news: it got a full 22-episode order! BOOM. None of this shortened season BS. As Alan Sepinwall at Hitfix points out, this will get the show to 90 episodes by season’s end, which is a nice number for syndication. And since NBC owns the show, they have a horse in that race. A mini-horse, if you will. (RIP Lil’ Sebastian.)

Speaking of excellent news, “Happy Endings” got renewed, too! The ABC comedy will return for a third season next fall, also getting a full 22-episode order.

Anyway, good news all around. “Community,” “30 Rock,” “Parks and Rec,” and “Happy Endings” will all be back next year, in one form or another. There’s only one appropriate way to celebrate that.

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