Paul Rudd Tells Letterman About The Time He Tried To Stop A Drag Queen Brawl In Full ‘Anchorman’ Costume

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12.18.13 6 Comments

Paul Rudd was on Letterman and decided against promoting Mac And Me to promote Anchorman 2 instead. Rudd revealed details about Anchorman 2’s big fight scene that took place in the center of Atlanta (or New York if you prefer storyline continuity) and eventually led to a real fight between some nearby drag queens. Luckily Rudd was on the scene in full Brian Fantana garb.

“I heard the screaming and was aware something was going on and I ran to it…so I took off toward the fight and I completely forgot that, as a prop in the film, I was carrying a .357 magnum.”

It gets a little heated with the cops from there, but luckily everything worked out in the end between Paul Rudd and the police. And between the fighting drag queens. And hopefully between Israel and Palestine. The video conjures up quite the visual though, sort of like a John Waters’ fantasy in real life.

Another fact to note is that this might be the final bit of promotional push before the release of Anchorman 2. So we made it folks! It’s finally here! Let the nitpicking and contrary opinions begin!

(Via Late Show)


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