Peacock Finally Worked Out A Deal That Allows Them To Stream On Amazon Fire TV

Subscribing to a streamer is all well and good, but how are you going to watch it? That’s the problem that plagued Amazon Fire TV users, at least if they wanted to watch Peacock, NBCUniversal’s contribution to already too vast streaming landscape. The service debuted almost a year ago, and all that time it’s been AWOL from one of the modern world’s major media players.

But according to Variety, that, finally, is changing. The two companies have belatedly worked out a deal, and starting Thursday, June 24, those who’ve chosen Amazon’s media player will be able to stream The Office, Modern Family, a large smattering of SNL, the Jurassic Park movies, Paddington, Howard the Duck, and whatever other random shows and movies that lurk on the service. (If you want to catch up with Columbo, you’ll have less than a week, as it’s set to vamoose from Peacock at month’s end.)

Peacock was also slow to hook up with Roku, the other major media player, with whom they inked only in September — some two months into their existence. Still, they did better than HBO Max, who went nearly six months without a Roku deal. So, Amazon Fire TV users, very soon you’ll be able to have at Peacock, and with plenty of time before they start airing the Olympics — perhaps the reason NBCUniversal finally agreed to a deal.

(Via Variety)