Pete Campbell Gets Punched In The Face A Lot In Real Life, Too

One of the greatest moments of my entire life was when Lane Pryce punched Pete Campbell in his stupid weasel face during the most recent season of Mad Men. Good Lord, did I enjoy that. (So much so, if you recall, that I set the GIF to “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap so it would resemble the scene from The O.C. where Marissa shot Trey.) I had been waiting for someone to deck that smug prick for YEARS, so seeing him get bloodied and thrown about the conference room by an uptight Brit was about as perfect a television moment as you could draw up. The fact that he got beat up again later in the season? Just icing on an already delicious cake.

In an interview with Vulture today, the actor who plays Pete Campbell, Vincent Kartheiser, explains that getting beat the hell up is actually nothing new to him. In fact, it kinda happens a lot.

Yeah, I’ve been punched in the face before. You know, that’s life. […]

I got punched tons in my teen years. You know, just beaten up at school and stuff. When I was an adult, I flipped this guy off in my car and he ran me off the road and jumped out of his car and ran over and punched me through my open window. It was a good lesson to me. You never know who you’re f-cking with on the road and you shouldn’t really mess with anyone. […]

Maybe no one’s ever clocked me just right. In movies, people are always getting really knocked out from head punches, but I don’t think it happens that way in real life. I think the human body can take a lot more than we think. I got beat up in Vancouver once by two dudes, and they were, like, kicking me. I was laying on the ground getting my ass whooped and I never really had much happen. I guess a little soreness the next day. [Vulture]

I don’t know about you guys, but I am DYING to know what happened in Vancouver that resulted in two dudes stomping him into the ground. Maybe they saw this past season and were pissed about the whole thing with Pete, Joan, and the Jaguar account. If that was the case, no jury in the land would convict them. Totally justified.