Peter Capaldi Is Finally In A ‘Doctor Who’ And ‘The Thick Of It’ F#%kety Mashup Video

As we reported yesterday and celebrated with GIFs today, Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor on Doctor Who. We knew his delightfully creative foul-mouth character Malcolm Tucker from the TV series The Thick Of It and the movie In The Loop would inevitably be mashed up with Doctor Who footage and pictures. And it has. Splendidly. The video below of the Scottish actor interacting with characters from Doctor Who as Malcolm Tucker is so cool. Like, bowties and fezzes cool.

We already know what his catchphrase will be:

Enjoy. (And it’s clearly NSFW. Malcolm Tucker doesn’t know how to complete a sentence without at least one threat involving horse penii and scatological humor.)


Now if you’ll excuse me. I finally have a reason to post my favorite GIF set ever.

I bet it’s from the Cybermen.

(H/T: Boing Boing and Angelophile)