Peter Gallagher Will Give Fatherly Advice To Schmidt On ‘New Girl’

Megan Fox is temporarily filling in for Zooey Deschanel when New Girl returns next year, but can she dole out important, fatherly advice? Didn’t think so. There’s only one man and two eyebrows for that job: Seth Cohen’s cool dad on The O.C., Peter Gallagher, who will play Papa Schmidt on the Fox sitcom.

TVLine reports Gallagher is set to “appear in one episode of New Girl‘s upcoming fifth season.” We’ve heard about Schmidt’s father before, including that his leaving inspired Schmidt’s mom to write to Michael Keaton, but have yet to see him. Amusingly, Gallagher’s casting is actually a nod to The O.C.

As any self-respecting acolyte of Josh Schwartz’ late Fox soap knows, [Max] Greenfield portrayed the younger version of Gallagher’s The O.C. patriarch, Sandy Cohen. (Via TVLine)

If Gallagher, who should play someone’s dad on every show, and Kyle Chandler were to ever star in something together, audiences wouldn’t be able to handle all the stern, yet supportive lessons.

(Via TVLine)