Phil Hartman’s Daughter Birgen Attended Last Night’s #SNL40

Birgen Hartman was only 6 years old when she lost both her father, Phil Hartman, and her mother, Brynn Hartman, under incredibly tragic circumstances. Seventeen years after the death of her father, she attended last night’s 40th Anniversary Special of Saturday Night Live.

There’s no need to dig too much into the life of Birgen Hartman — she has public Twitter and Instagram profiles (and loves cats), but is a private person — except to say that, assuming she graduated college, her father’s will assured that she’d be taken care of, and that it was a really, incredibly nice gesture on the part of Lorne Michaels and SNL to invite her to the anniversary special.

She had a wonderful father, and we all still miss him dearly.

And if you’re wondering, Phil Hartman’s other child, Sean, is an artist, it seems:


Here’s Phil with Sean in 1994.

Phil Hartman with his son Sean at party following screening
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