When Does ‘Platonic’ Come Out On Apple TV+?

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are reuniting on-screen for the first time since their Neighbors run ended with their Apple TV+ comedy series, Platonic. This is the kind of news that should be scrolling on the CNN chyron. Plastered on Time Square billboards. Trending in that Twitter sidebar absolutely no one pays attention to.

It’s the kind of news that should make the entire nation collectively pause, and the workings of world governments grind to a halt. To celebrate. To raise their middle fingers to the “strike proof” TV programming that thought to entertain us with reality dating shows about geriatric bachelors. You can keep your televised retirement home orgies Disney because Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen are bro-ing it out onscreen once more.

But, sadly, no one’s taken to the streets, nude and carrying their recently purchased artisanally-crafted pottery bongs to mark the occasion because Apple TV+ has really skimped on their promotional efforts for this thing. In fact, with just a week until the show premieres, fans are still Googling its streaming release date. It’s shameful really. A true injustice we intend to fix right now.

Apple TV+’s Platonic premieres May 24th on the streaming platform.

Oh, you need to know more? How about this: Platonic is a sharp buddy comedy helmed by Neighbors director Nicholas Stoller that sees Byrne and Rogen playing two former best friends who rekindle their bond at the worst time and kind of destroy their lives in the process. The first three episodes will be available upon its release with new episodes airing weekly thereafter.