Pope Francis Loves Pizza And Hasn’t Seen Any Of Your Favorite TV Shows

Pope Francis Attends His Weekly Audience In St Peter's Square
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If you’re anything like me, you spend all day and night racking your brain with two questions:

  • What shows does the Pope watch on television?
  • Does the Pope eat pizza?

Well, thankfully, we can all finally get some rest, as Pope Francis has provided answers to those questions in a new interview with the Argentinian newspaper La Voz del Pueblo. And those answers are:

  • The Pope does not watch any shows on television, as he swore off television “on the night of July 15, 1990.”
  • The Pope friggin’ loves pizza!

Unfortunately, that love of pizza is being impeded by his new job, as he told the newspaper that he can’t really go out to a pizzeria anymore and delivery “is not the same.” So, if you want to get in good with the Pope, maybe try sneaking him out of the Vatican and splitting a pie with him, I guess? Is that the lesson here? Heck, you can even slide in some jokes from The Simpsons and pass them off as your own. He won’t know. He’ll just think you’re hilarious. Just don’t spoil the ending of Breaking Bad for him. He might still watch that one day.

(Via NBC)