A Popular Character You May Not Have Expected Will Be Returning To The ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival

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Spoilers ahead for season two of Twin Peaks, which you really should have watched by now, anyway. I mean it’s been like 25 years. Come on. Watch Twin Peaks.

In what might be the most exciting news for Twin Peaks fans since the Showtime revival was announced, Deadline is confirming that Sherilyn Fenn is returning to reprise her role as fan-favorite Audrey Horne. As of now we don’t know any details, other than the fact that Fenn is expected to have a “major presence” in the new series. Apparently Fenn’s involvement hinged on the filming schedule of Shameless, another Showtime series she has a recurring role in.

Fenn joins fellow Twin Peaks alum Kyle MacLachlan, who is also confirmed, as well as Miguel Ferrer as FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield, Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer, Richard Beymer as Audrey’s father Ben Horne, and David Patrick Kelly as Ben’s brother Jerry, who are all rumored to be returning from the original series.

But wait. Wasn’t Audrey killed off in the finale, having having been blown up in the bank explosion? This may already be common knowledge to some Twin Peaks fans, but according to Wikipedia, Audrey’s “death” wasn’t actually so cut and dry.

In the series finale, Audrey is engaged in an act of civil disobedience at the local bank to save the local forest. While she is chained to the door of the bank vault, a bomb explodes inside the vault, a booby trap planted by the late Thomas Eckhardt as an ironic reward in a long treasure hunt. Andrew Packard, Pete Martell, and an elderly banker are the ones closest to the blast, and Audrey’s fate is left ambiguous. Sherilyn Fenn stated in an interactive chat on America Online that, if there had been a third season of the show, her character was slated to have survived the explosion.

My favorite part of all that was that the info came from “in an interactive chat on America Online.” We’ll take more Twin Peaks, but AOL, your screechy dial-up sounds can stay dead and buried in the past.

(Via Deadline, Wikipedia)

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