‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Actor Woody McClain On Cane’s Loyalty, His Hate For Tariq, And His Love For Effie

(WARNING: Spoilers (or maybe not?) for this week’s Power Book II: Ghost episode will be found below.)

Power Book II: Ghost just concluded its third season with an episode that changes everything about the St. Patricks-Tejada world as we knew it. Once again, Tariq St. Patrick was able to escape legal trouble, the latest one being a possible RICO indictment, but it did come at the expense of other things. His life was put at risk thanks to a move against his mother that he believed was done by Monét, when in reality, it was orchestrated by Diana. It was all a part of Diana’s plan to convince Tariq to kill Monét, all to have him killed later. While Tariq isn’t the one to do it, Monét does get ambushed at the end of the season three finale. Once the blame is cast on Tariq, it sets off what will surely be a massive war with Tariq and Brayden facing off against the Tejadas, Effie, and Noma.

The person leading the charge against Tariq and Brayden in this impending war is none other than Cane Tejada. This battle is an easy one for Cane since he’s resented Tariq since the moment he walked into the Tejada household in season three. “Been wanting to do this for a long time,” Cane says with a gun pointed at Tariq. Yet, as he’s done time and time again, Tariq slips out without a scratch on his body.

Following the conclusion of Power Book II: Ghost season three, we caught up with Woody McClain, who plays the role of Cane Tejada, to talk about his impenetrable loyalty to Monét, his hate for Tariq, and his growing feelings for Effie.

Despite the revelation of Monet being the one to get Lorenzo killed, we still see Cane work with her in the finale. Why doesn’t he cut her off as Dru and Diana did?

I think it just comes down to the fact that Cane is a mama’s boy. His backstory, which we’ve never got a chance to really talk about during the show, but she was there for him when something super significant happened in his life, it was just his mom. So he’s always had an attachment to her. I wished they would have talked about it more, but they never got across or had time for it. I think it’s just the fact that he and his mom are just super, super tight. She was there for him at a time when he really needed her. I think that’s where Cane is when it comes to his mother.

Cane has quite the journey in season three. He goes from being very power-driven to seeing his own flaws and getting a reality check from that. How would you describe Cane’s growth and progression in season 3?

Cane comes from broken love. It’s a product of deep emotional pain and it holds significant influence for Cane. Brett [Mahoney] did an amazing job this season of making Cane human, to show more feelings. I think that was a great move on the writers to bring Effie into his life. It showed a different side, he’s just not a badass. He actually cares. He’s actually willing to pay tuition. He’s actually willing to put on the suit and go into jail to try to fight for his love. I just really appreciate the writers for doing that this year.

In what ways would you say that Lorenzo’s death affected Cane in season 3?

I think it affected a lot. I feel like Lorenzo was the glue to the family. He wanted the best for everybody. Whether it was Diana going to school or being super supportive of Dru in his relationships. I just think Lorenzo was the glue, and now that the glue is no longer there, you can physically see the family just falling apart. I think it was super important for us to have Lorenzo, and now that he’s gone, I think everything is just going to keep going left.

'Power Book II: Ghost' S3 Cane Lorenzo

Despite these changes, one thing remains: Cane hates Tariq. Especially in this season, what do you think deep down fuels the fire of Cane’s hate toward Tariq?

I think it just comes from the fact that everything was better with Tariq wasn’t involved with the family, and he said it. He said everything that’s f*cked up in my family has happened when you came around, period. That’s just what it is. Just like Cane saw the fact that Lorenzo did what he did, and Monet did what she did, Cane can kind of see the BS in people. Whether it was Mecca being a narc, he kind of sees these things and he’s seen that Tariq wasn’t a good guy from the beginning. And I think Cane is like three-for-three right now when it comes to like pointing up people’s BS. Even Salim, he said that name’s hella made up brother. He’s like four-for-four now, so I mean, I don’t think it changes for Tariq either.

Something that many people think is connected to Cane’s hate for Tariq is his budding relationship with Effie. Has Cane’s pursuit of Effie always been about her or just a way to get under Tariq’s skin?

Yeah, that’s super genuine. I don’t think he would have went the route he did pressing everyone about Effie and them trying to set her up if it wasn’t genuine. He would’ve just went along with it if it was some fake love-type stuff. So it’s definitely genuine, I don’t think he cares about Tariq when it comes to Effie.

What is it about Effie that draws Cane towards her?

I remember Courtney [A. Kemp] mentioning, “Men like women in the image of their mother.” I don’t know, that’s a theory that she had. So that’s the theory that is kind of motivating Cane and Effie. I feel like Cane sees a little bit of Monet in Effie with the way she moves. He loves the strong, independent woman-type figure. So I believe that’s why it works for him.

'Power Book II: Ghost' S3 Cane Effie

Do you think it’s a bit ironic that Diana and Dru set up Tariq to get killed despite getting mad at Monet for setting up Lorenzo to be killed?

[Laughs.]That’s what it is man! Family dynamics are weird, you know what I mean? You can be mad at your mom or your dad in real life, but you still gotta ride for them in a way, right? I feel like that’s just what happens when it comes to Dru and Diana.

What was your favorite scene to shoot from this season?

I hate that question cause I don’t be knowing — it’s weird man, we filmed this a year and a half ago. So it’s kinda blurry. I don’t think I’ve ever had a favorite scene though, I don’t look at it like that. I just put Cane’s shoes on and live and breathe in the moment. There’s never been a moment like, “Oh my God, this was amazing. I’m gonna do it again.” It’s never ever been that. It’s just about telling the truth each and every time. Yeah, that’s just what it is, I’m just trying to tell the truth. I’ve never had a favorite moment, it’s just trying to tell the truth. That’s it.

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